Balinese architecture is one of the most popular Asian tropical architectural styles, with a distinct flair for being in harmony with nature. The style originates from the famous Indonesian island, Bali, frequently visited by many foreign tourists who are attracted to the province’s culture, laid back way of life, and the amazing natural resources that abound.

Balinese architecture is a vernacular style of architecture wherein designers use local materials to help construct buildings, structures, and houses, as well as reflecting local tradition. It is a centuries-old style of design that’s heavily influenced by Bali’s Hindu traditions, as well as ancient Javanese elements.


Hawaiian palapas have a distinct style that has evolved over time, capturing the character and spirit of Hawaii’s people and incorporating the various influences from around the world.
The first visitors to Hawaii included early traders (many from Europe), whalers from New England, fur trappers from Russia, New England missionaries, Mormons from Utah, French Catholics, and many others who landed on Hawaii’s shores for one reason or another.
A constant infusion of new styles reflects the history of the islands from ancient times through the monarchy era, the territorial years, through statehood and up to the modern day.


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