Our Polynesian tribal tiki masks include designs from Tahiti, Fiji and islands across the Pacific. These masks are all hand carved and hand painted with great attention to detail. These distinctive pieces of folk art are also fine examples of oceanic art. Our Tikis are the real deal Hand carved from a palm trunk. Tikis are treated and sealed and are perfect bringing the island life indoors or out.























All of our signs are carved from durable, eco-friendly Albesia wood. The wood is cut and then sanded down to create a smooth surface for painting. The signs are stained in various color shades and carefully carved with a special design for authenticity. We offer flower, bamboo, palm, surfboard, paddle, and beach signs.






















Our decorative tropical hanging birds make great pets and are easy to take care of. No food or water needed! They will never fly away, die or get sick. All jokes aside, these hanging birds are a decoratively crafted piece of art. The red scarlet, blue and gold, and orange colorful macaws are manufactured here in the USA. Each bird is made from non-toxic polyethylene plastic materials that have been painted in vibrant colors for authenticity. Real scarlet macaws are beautiful, long-tailed birds that are native to the forests of South America.

The smaller toucan and parrot hanging bird statues are handcrafted from albesia wood. Skilled craftsman hand-carve and paint each bird with great detail to ensure quality. Hanging birds will brighten up any tiki bar, outdoor patio or island themed home. Bring a piece of the jungle back to your lawn and garden.





















The unique island sounds created by bamboo wind chimes will relax and soothe you, putting you into a tranquil mood. Each bamboo wind chime is handmade from natural bamboo and coconut materials. Every bamboo wind chime is hand tuned by our South Pacific Seas artisans to produce a perfect tone. Greet and welcome your guests into your home with the classic island sounds of bamboo wind chimes.





















Our hand-made tables will give your new palapa that tropical island feel and are very versatile for sitting around to have a meal or cocktail. We have a wide selection of beautiful mosaic tables. Mosaic coffee tables, mosaic outdoor tables, mosaic square tables and mosaic round tables, in colorful patterns. These tile tabletops are available in various sizes and heights and can be made with custom wrought iron bases. The heavy

mosaic table tops just sit on the classic wrought iron table bases.
























Our paneling has a variety of uses – from indoor wainscoting to decorating the waterproofed roof of your palapa. This paneling is matted with a cotton backing for easy installation. It is intending for indoor use, however, it still holds a variety of outdoor options as well.



















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