Dear Tropical friend,


For rethatches, we require the following information, in order to give you the best possible estimate.

-Customer's first and last name.

-Telephone and address where the palapa(s) is to be rethatched.

-A picture of the top, side, and undercarriage (including the outer rim) of each palapa(s) to be rethatched.

-The diameter of the palapa(s) (we measure from the outer wood roof rim to other side's outer wood rim, straight across, parallel to the ground.)
  For our installers safety, and in order for us to bring the proper equipment, please notify us of the proximity of the palapa to any pool or spa areas.  Water near our electrical equipment can be quite dangerous.  For your protection, those areas need to be covered during rethatch or debris may end up in your pool.  Pool water may damage thatch (if submerged). 

  We appreciate you taking the time to do these measurements and pictures for us.  We look forward to working with you.  Have a wonderful day.

Online prices apply for online orders ONLY.