Single-pole umbrella kit, a single pressure-treated round column pole, pressure-treated lodgepole framing, sub-roof, and a single-layer of synthetic baja thatch. * Table sold separately.


Our single-pole Synthetic Palm thatch umbrellas have a unique beachy look.  They are tropical in feel and made from Synthetic Thatch which is a great alternative to natural thatch because it is long-wearing. Synthetic thatches are covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty up to 20 years. Depending on your needs and desires, synthetic thatch can be a great option for you. This product is made from 100% recyclable, high-density polyethylene.  These tiles attach to our umbrellas by stapling them to a wooden sub-roof (included).  The life span of this thatch is up to 20 years, depending on climate, lasting longer in drier, desert climates than in humid climates.  *Waterproofing/Sub-roof is included with this kit.


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