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A single pole palapa umbrella is an easy way to add that tropical touch to your yard. These umbrellas are designed to be cemented into the ground or anchored into a bar or barbeque island. Tropical Shade Imports offers certain umbrella sizes as Do-It-Yourself Kits, as well as as installed projects that we can install for you. There are four roof materials to choose from — Baja thatch, Fiji thatch, and African Reed thatch, and synthetic thatch. 
We offer a limited selection of do-it-yourself kits online. Online prices apply for online orders ONLY.
Our kits are easily assembled by a handy person, comfortable with the use of a hand-drill and a staple gun. Our umbrella kits include partially pre-drilled and pre-assembled framing, main support poles, hardware, and the thatch for the roof. Step-by-step instructions are provided with every kit. Don’t forget to check out our upgrades! We offer various upgrades to personalize your palapa to your style and needs. We ship kits nearly everywhere in the US or, you can pre-order and pick-up your kit at our San Diego showroom.

All of the palapa sizes are offered to the public as installations from the ground up, by a licensed & insured contractor. Kits, unfortunately, are only offered in limited sizes, due to their complexity and size. Both installed projects and kits have various upgrades to choose from. Nylon netting or matted waterproof interiors, bamboo-style, stained, hand-carved center poles or carved bamboo-style poles and supports, are all desirable upgrades you can add to improve your palapa. Tabletops can be added to fit around the column pole and installed at any desired height. We offer a variety of styles, finishes, and colors to choose from. 

                                                  ALL OF OUR PALAPA'S ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING.

Round Huts


Imagine waking up in the morning, drinking your cup of coffee or tea, under the tranquility of a beautiful thatch hut bungalow. Tropical Shade Imports can help you make that daydream come true with one of our round huts. Our huts are built using four to six column poles supporting a round thatch roof. You can build your hut yourself, by purchasing a kit, or choose to have us install if for you. Our do-it-yourself kits are available in three sizes, each with four poles and a circular roof. Pick from 11′-, 12′-, or 14′-diameter roof. You can pre-order and pick-up your kit at our San Diego location, or have it shipped to your door step. These kits include heavy, pressure-treated wood framing, step-by-step assembly instructions, hardware, and thatch roof covering. Hut assembly requires two handy people, comfortable using a hand drill and staple gun. Larger sizes are also available, but they’re a bit more tricky, so our company would be happy to build them for you. Popular larger sizes are 16′-, 18′-, and 20′-diameter roofs and can be converted to a 6- or 8-pole base frames, should you desire. Each are offered in one of our three popular roofing materials: Hand-woven Baja thatch, dense and rustic Fiji thatch, and tropically tailored African Reed thatch.
Don’t forget our upgrades! We suggest nylon-netting interiors for all of our non-waterproofed (non-reed) huts. If you wish to waterproof your structure, skip the netting, and upgrade to our waterproof and matted interior, for a look that’s very eye-pleasing as well as functional. Have you considered bamboo-style carved-and-stained column poles instead of the more rustic standard poles? They’re a special product offered only by our company that will set your palapa apart from the crowd. Fire-retardant and pre-wired electrical conduits for ceiling fans or light fixtures can add even more personalization and comfort to your hut, and are available options for all of our structures, as well.