Rectangular roof palapa, six pressure-treated 6" x 8' round column poles, pressure-treated lodgepole framing, nylon netting, and a double-layer of untreated hand-woven, Mexican "Baja" thatch


All of our palapas are built using the highest quality of materials.  We use a double-layer of our Baja thatch, which is hand-woven in the interior of Mexico, and our palapa supports are built using heavy, pressure-treated lumber and wood framing.  Pressure-treated lumber gives the palapa that authentic rustic appearance and is extremely durable.  It is ideal for outdoor installations and helps to prevent rotting in more humid climates.  To create that plush thatch look, a double-layer of the hand-woven Baja thatch is installed on every one of our baja palapa’s roofs.  Baja Thatch is hand-woven palm that does very well in windy, hot climates.  The weave itself permits air circulation which helps with wind shear and allows heat to rise through the roof.  It has a life span of 2.5-5 years depending on your individual climate.  These huts can be cemented into the ground, although many of our customers prefer to let them sit on top of a level patio deck surface.  If you don’t want to dig up your existing deck material, but prefer added stability that concrete would provide, we also have a pin system we can use, and it is less intrusive but also highly stable.

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